Neuro Acoustic Table Treatment

This is a powerful way to relieve stress and stress-related conditions.

Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy

We apply vibrational sound waves directly to the body through a patented Sound Table. While laying on this cushioned table, every cell of the body vibrates to carefully selected sound vibrations designed to have specific effects on the body and the nervous system. This is a powerful way to relieve stress and stress-related conditions which often have their root cause buried deep within the nervous system.

The Sound Table is a custom, patented massage table with speakers attached underneath. When you lay on it (fully clothed, face up) you experience a full body massage via sound waves.

You feel the healing vibrations in every cell of your body, thus increasing overall circulation and resonating your bones, muscles, tissues, and blood with healing frequencies. The experience is deeply relaxing and is a powerful way to activate your body’s self-healing mechanisms.

As a result your autonomic nervous system gets harmonized (balancing your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system). During the session, acupuncture is offered as well as different tuning forks to realign your meridians.

Neuro Acoustic

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