Tierra Encantada, Your Blue Zone Wellness Haven

Tierra Encantada which means “Enchanted Land” in spanish, is nestled in the heart of one of the world’s five Blue Zones. It is surrounded by lush jungle, abundant rivers, mountains and breathtaking ocean views. Our very own Garden of Eden. Come embark on a nourishing journey of reset and deep rest.

Meet the owners and heart behind Tierra Encantada

A few years ago, Daniel and Anne, husband and wife, stumbled upon this enchanting land following a transformative plant medicine retreat. The beginning of a remarkable journey was sparked following a serendipitous encounter with a medicine woman in Nosara who introduced them to the previous owner of the land. Captivated by the wild raw beauty of the property and its secluded setting, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and closeness to the pristine beaches of Nosara, they instantly felt like they had found their home away from home.

Driven by their deep love for nature and their shared dream of creating a harmonious sanctuary where natural living and Pacha Mama could coexist, Dan’s lifelong experience in the construction industry and Anne’s 30+ years in the world of healing and holistic health intertwined beautifully. Collaborating on every aspect of the endeavor, they poured their hearts into designing and constructing this oasis, infusing it with their shared passion and respective expertise.

Mindful of the delicate ecosystem surrounding them and committed to preserving its natural beauty, they approached the development process with a steadfast dedication to sustainability. Every choice in architecture and construction was made with the environment in mind, ensuring that their creation became a cozy and eco-friendly home where nature and comfort blend seamlessly.

About Us Tierra Encantada

The Birth of Tierra Encantada

Over the course of four years, we built Tierra Encantada from conception to its most current state of completion “this is a multidimensional dream that is constantly evolving”. We built infrastructure, water systems and installed eco septic solutions such as Bio Nest. Every detail from the stones lining the paths, to the retainer walls were consciously brought to fruition. Our property features 9 casitas, 3 glamping platforms with tents, a Yoga Shala, a kitchen/restaurant and a 1400 ft2 spa facility, all of which were built prioritizing eco-friendly building practices such as hempcrete and reclaimed wood. We installed solar systems on the main house and the spa.
Tierra Encantada

Step inside our Casitas and feel in tune with Mother Earth.

Each of our casitas are unique and sustainably built. The interior design features artwork from Anne and Dan’s personal collection, pieces that were curated over the years during their travels around the globe.

Wellness Resort
Nestled in the jungle
of Costa Rica.

Your Path to Optimal Wellness

Tierra Encantada, Finca Dona Cielo - Nosara - Costa Rica