Light Body Contouring

The system can reduce fat deposits on any area of the body.

Transform your body with light...

As a safe, effective alternative to invasive surgery, Light treatments are heads above other technologies in workability and results. The system can reduce fat deposits on any area of the body. Not only are Light treatments effective, creating impressive results, the treatments involve no pain, bruising, swelling, or downtime – a significant improvement over liposuction.

You are a unique individual, and your body type, DNA, and ethnicity dictate how your body will store fat. For women, it is often in the tummy, thighs, flanks, and back. Many women fight to reduce fatty deposits with diet and exercise, but cannot get rid of the fat that collects in these areas. Spot reducing was, at one time, impossible – only a reduction in overall BMI (body mass index) would shrink the existing fat cells. It is now possible to spot-reduce fatty areas with this cutting-edge treatment. As the body shape changes, the increase in feelings of self-confidence that a trimmer, fitter, slimmer body can offer are transformational.

For men, the fat deposits are typically in the stomach area, causing it to protrude. The trim, fit, tight look of younger years may have disappeared, but can be restored with the help of the Vie Harmony Light program. For men who want to bring back the tighter, firmer look of youth, this treatment program brings impressive, truly remarkable results.


As the light is focused on the targeted area, it stimulates the fat cells beneath the skin’s surface to be shed by your body’s natural processes. The benefits are above and beyond weight loss.

Sculpt Your Body

The system works to penetrate beneath the skin and target fat cells without damaging the skin’s surface or internal organs. The penetrating light stimulates open pores in fat cells, breaking down the contents so the fat can escape and be eliminated naturally. Your body has a specific number of fat cells, and these cells function as a storage system for fat, growing and shrinking with changes in weight. Releasing the fat from the cells gives you the ability to shed the fat in a targeted area. To shed the released fat naturally, you will need to reduce the calories you consume, and increase the amount of water you drink. An easy-to- perform exercise regime is part of the program, as the motion helps to burn the fat released into your system. 

The system uses pads that are placed in the problem areas. You will simply relax during treatment, which takes typically less than 30 minutes to perform. During the treatment about 500 to 800 calories of fat will be released into your system. The treatment is relaxing, pain-free, and free from side effects such as swelling and bruising.

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