Tierra Encantada

Tierra Encantada which translates to “Enchanted Land” is really a special place, surrounded by untouched nature, amazing ocean, mountains and Rio Montana Views” Here you can really feel the energy of the Costa Rican jungle, with lots of exotic birds, monkeys, plants and trees. We built this place with sustainability in mind, our Casitas were built using eco materials like recycled wood, hemp, sugar cane fibers and lime, Bionest septic tank which recycles, cleans and reuse the water for irrigation, solar and rain water collection systems. We also grow a lot of our own food using permaculture and Biodynamic principles, with 100’s of fruit trees, bananas, plantains, Yuca, Papayas, guanabana etc…We have an amazing open Yoga Shala that our guests are welcome to use as well as a commercial Kitchen, salt water infiniti pool with ocean views, and a ceremonial tipi for Cacao, fire or Full moon ceremonies.

Our Vision

Our vision was to create a space that would celebrate, explore and sustain all that is beautiful and unique about this naturally abundant area of the world. After falling deeply in love with this land, we knew that we wanted to share it with others in a way that respected our values. A place that would support the environment as well as relaxation, wellness, exploration and connection. Regenerative farming, structures that blend into the forest, facilities and unique offerings that expand your consciousness are all apart of a dream turned into reality. As our vision for Tierra Encontada continues to grow and evolve, we remain committed to protecting and preserving the communities and ecosystems that surround us.


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